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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  November 4, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc good morning i'm cheryl jennings. and i'm kristen sze. the city is reaching out to the businesses that became collateral damage in this week's clashes between police and protesters. amy hollyfield is live at frank ogawa plaza. what is the city doing? >> reporter: they are in damage control mode. going to the businesses that were damaged, apologizing. trying to sell them on the idea of staying in oakland. some businesses have said if these protesters stay they are thinking about leaving. the better of commerce has put
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the city of oakland on notice, occupy oakland is costing they will. >> several businesses are saying they will consider not renewing their leases. >> reporter: two businesses have pulled out of downtown spaces sids occupy oakland started. another decided not to locate here. -- manager of tully's understands. >> for the past two years and activity we've had downtown as far as riots and things, for small business owners that would be in their best interests. >> reporter: the city sent a letter to businesses apologizing for the randallism wednesday night and promising to step up efforts to address the longer term issues. >> i'm glad they are reaching out. they . at the end of the day this falls on jean quan and the decisions she has made. -- >> reporter: city workers will be visiting downtown businesses that suffered damage. owners look forward to having that conversation. >> hear what their thoughts are about the occupy movement
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and more specifically, about the opportunistic vandals. we can look at those as two populations. and how just what their plans are. >> reporter: the cleanup has been swift. the graffiti mostly gone. 18 windows in frank ogawa plaza that were broken have been replaced. >> they replaced our window in a timely manner. thumbs up for that, thanks. >> reporter: those 18 windows were in knew miss pal buildings it will cost the city about $-- 25,000 to replace. they haven't said what the total number was. they made 103 arrests wednesday night. of two those were juveniles. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. there was a glimmer of encouraging news on-the-job front. labor department says job growth was stronger than first thought many the unemployment rate dropped slightly to 9% from 9.1% the first time it
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has fallen since july. the economy added 80,000 jobs in october. terry mcsweeney joins us from oakland that is good news. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: we are about to meet some of those folks this week with so much focus on occupy oakland it is easy to forget there are thousands in this city not so much interested in occupies as they are in employment. >> -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: finding a job is no game unless you are kareem who designs computer games that been able to do it for money in six months. >> you meet people at these job events pick up contracts, opportunities to build your own game for their platform. >> reporter: next in kareem is jose who has been out of work for six months. >> i got experience. i was a journeyman.
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i got all the experience, it is just that it is kind of hard to find a job. >> reporter: dolly is office manager. she feels job seekers' anxiety everyday. >> workshops and assist with resumes and just pumping them up to let them know we are here for you. >> reporter: up the street we met a man with his fingers crossed that his recent interview will turn into a job at a chevron refinery. although unemployed for a year he says the jobs are out there. >> i believe most of the problem are the people that don't apply themselves and are not able to pass drug tests. >> it is a day-to-day thing. we are hoping the job picture will get better. i certainly hope for all the job seekers coming in here because these people are hurting. >> reporter: the folks at the employment development department tell me at the office on broadway there has been a decided drop-off in
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people coming in looking for jobs because of the uncertainty up at frank ogawa plaza and the occupy oakland movement. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. hundreds of jobs will be available during two hire event job fairs next week. abc 7 is co-sponsoring the fair next tuesday november 8th with the job from noon until 4:00. wednesday in san francisco at the hotel -- from 12 to 4 p.m.. to bes sliding after a mixed jobs report. -- stocks are sliding after a mixed jobs report. dow down about 80 points. >> president obama says the jobs report is positive but the u.s. economy is still growing too slowly. he spoke this morning at the conclusion of a summit of the world's most powerful economies. he said world leaders are working to get their countries back on track. mr. obama says lawmakers
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should think twice before voting no on his jobs plan. >> the president: there is no excuse for inaction that is true globally, certainly true back home and i'm going to keep on pushing it regardless of the politics. >> he says financial markets are looking for strong signals that european nations are standing behind their currency. multi-millionaire philanthropist couple in silicon valley is taking a stand against big banks. mike and mary are expected to announce at this hour they are moving their money from bank of america in solidarity with struggling homeowners. company that pioneered online group discounts saw its stocks soar today. groupon shares judgment. ed nearly 50% in the opening minutes. the chicago-based company -- sends out e-mails to subscribers offering a chance to buy discount deals. hundreds of bay area residents have a new reason to
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worry about identity theft after their completed tax returns were found in front of an abandoned tax preparation office on the curb in san francisco. a woman got a call two weeks ago from someone who found the papers as she walked by the former jackson hewitt office. the report says the business had been evicted and the pile of tax returns were just left behind with names, social security numbers and addresses. the owner says he left the papers out for a shredding company to pick up. in los angeles, jurors in the case of michael jackson's doctor are in races. it is the first day jurors will consider evidence against dr. murray. he's accused of causing michael jackson's death in june of 2009. in closing arguments, prosecutors described murray as an incompetent opportunistic doctor who gave jackson propofol as a sleeping a. the defense says jackson was addicted and -- and was to
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blame for his own death. in convicted dr. murray could be sentenced to up four years and lose his medical license regardless of the verdict. those of us who live in the bay area have seen the destruction earthquakes can do. up next, the study on their devastating health affects. good news if you are headed to the sierra this weekend. we'll tell you which of the resorts opened today. >> our cameras capture a special reunion between a lost0
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a little white cat who disappeared four months ago is back thanks to a tiny piece of technology. katie marzullo has the story and lessons that were learned. >> here she is! >> reporter: a mix of meows and terms of endearment. >> what happened to you? >> reporter: kevin snow a crab fisherman in san francisco. this tiny white cat is his deck mate. but she slipped away and disappeared in july. >> gave all her stuff away i had to get them back yesterday. >> reporter: four months later a rereunion made possible by a microchip. >> feels good to have her back. -- kind of like christmas.
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>> reporter: a spca found the cat while rounding up cats to be spayed and neutered. she could tell this was somebody's cat. >> the cat was missing for four month the only reason we were able to get it back to the owner is the microchip. >> reporter: a lesson not lost on kevin. >> it was really a good feeling to get that call and here she was alive and well and i could come and pick her up. >> reporter: in san francisco, katie marzullo, abc7 news. >> she was busy. she a litter of kittens during her disappearance. everything is good now. today boreal back -- become the first to open for the season. throw the slopes aren't totally covered. some of the snow was manmade.
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most resources will open in the next couple of weeks. the arrival of snow does mean chain restrictions. this is i-880. you need chains now the freeways looking clear there along with highway 88 and 4 over the passes. >> no chains needed for highway 50. >> she is so ready to go skiing aren't you? >> let's go. >> meteorologist mike nicco. >> the weekend is upon us and so is sunshine. more rain on the way. snow in the sierra and more snow around our mountains this weekend. everybody likes to get chose to nature right? but this close? the visit that left one local surfer with a whale of a tale to tell. @@
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that close encounter between two humpback whales a woman and a surf board and a pair of kayakers happened recently near santa cruz. the woman who captured the video was 20 feet away. >> we were crazyqhñto be out
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there thousands of pounds flying up in the air right next to you. you are a sitting duck. from now on i'm going to view whales from up on bluff like this. >> scientists believe weather patterns have driven fish closer to shore this year and that has brought feeding whales with them. can you believe the kayakers stayed on their kayaks? >> they are lucky. exciting and scary. >> that would be a once in a lifetime, once in a lifetime thing. once was enough. >> driving out? >> -- drying out? >> yeah. we talked about when the pattern was going to change it was going to be a significant change. sure enough it did bring heavy snow up to tahoe. looking northwest from sutro tower you could see how small the clouds are going to be this afternoon we have a lot of sunshine in our
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forecast. storms are down around l.a. and san diego that's where they are going to stay, away from us. let's talk about the temperatures that's the big story the next 24 hours. still 49 in los gatos, everybody else in the low to mid 50s even mountain view 56 as warm as it gets those were our lows a couple of days ago. showers are almost over. afternoon sunshine, cool highs today. clear, colder tonight record temperatures possible tomorrow morning along with frost in our valleys. if you have a golf game, soccer, something on a grass field may be delayed because of the frost. showers return tomorrow night they could be heavier and colder than what we just dealt with. today cold, 7° below average in oakland with 60. san francisco 58, livermore, napa san jose 59 for a high 11
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to 12° cooler than average. once the sunsets it is going to get cold quickly. cooler weather along the coast mid to you upper 50s. upper 50s downtown south san francisco and most of the north bay. may hit 60 in san rafael. upper 50 to near 60 east bay shore with objection land and hercules at 60. upper 50s to -- another 60. mid to upper 50s around the monterey bay inland may hit 60 in gilroy. 30s tonight. clear air nice cold batch from alaska. 37 in morgan hill and palo alto fremont, 38 fairfield conservative with low to mid 30s in the north bay valleys some areas may dip into the upper 20s. here's what happened last night, cold front rolled through, low behind it brought showers thunderstorms stayed out over the ocean as i
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expected. now the record cold is in for tonight. the reason why, lack of clouds through the afternoon, evening and overnight hours. now the clouds roll into the north bay starting around 6 or 7 as cold as it is going to get about the 5 or 6:00 temperature rain starts to move into the north bay drizzle about noon steady light rain around 3:00. look at your evening tomorrow, it is going to be wet just about everywhere. once the steady rain moves out midnight scattered showers through sunday morning. sunday afternoon clearing and temperatures will be cool. we may have snow in the highest peaks of the north bay mountains and mount hamilton even sunday morning. sun cool, driest and warmest days monday, tuesday, another system will bring a chance of rain wednesday. here's something we don't usually think about. earthquakes have a bigger impact on health than other disasters such as floods or
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hurricanes. researchers looking at health affects of quakes found quakes caused more than 780,000 deaths in the past decade. accounting for nearly 60% of all disaster related mortalties. for every person kill three others were injured with crushed organs or broken bones. increase in card yes vascular problems as well as depression -- was found to affect survivors. construction work on the golden gate bridge scheduled to close parts of highway 1. crews replacing the segment on doyle drive. the ramp from northbound 101 and highway 1 shutdown from 9:30 tonight to 9:00 tomorrow morning if it rains construction will be pushed back to saturday that one billion dollar project is expected to be completed in 2015.
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gabby giffords vowing to return to congress in a new book. the memoir reveals her struggles to relearn how to walk and talk. she writes, i will get stronger. i will return. give forces stunned colagues by appearing on -- giffords stunned colleagues by appearing on the house floor in august. she was shot in the head in january. she is receiving treatment at a rehab center in houston. diane sawyer sits down with giffords and her husband astronaut mark kelly in her first television interview since the shooting. it airs monday, november 14th. >> such an inspiration. coming up next, friday's perfect pet.
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>> mik
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today at 3:00. thinking about texting holiday party invitations? plus, a visit from martha stewart. then at 4:00, the weather pattern that has been interfering with the annual monarch migration. major expansion at san francisco's mission bay. a look at nut project in the works thanks to federal stimulus money. that and more at 4:00 and 5:00. can't keep our eyes off today's perfect pet. nice to see you. >> always good to see you mike. >> how about carly toe?
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>> this little gentleman is a little smaller than the what is we saw earlier in the program. -- he's a little over six months old probably a little over six pounds. he's a still wearing his dapper h9k.een scarf. he's aékz6ñ great little guy a y bit shy at first that lasts about a minute or two. >> i didn't even notice. >> then when he gets to know you he really likes. probably best in a family or home without really little children because he's so nervous >> lap dog maybe. >> lap dog and has energy he loves to play. >> do you knoww how big he will get? >> all the way up to eight or nine pounds, a real tiger. >> wow! we want to find,@b calito az>eçe so call if you are interested
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so call if you are interested ine -- nice seeing you again. >> you too, thank you. >> thank you. >> he's so relaxed looks like he's taking a nap. >> i know, very comfortable and happy here. for all of us here at abc7 news thanks for joining us. >> who wants to be a millionaire next. >> hope you have a great day and great weekend. and great weekend. bye-bye.
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